Our Team

August 15-2

Comehireme started in June 2015 as a conversation between myself (Garrett Gillas) and my friend Brody Wear about our frustrations with using existing websites for hiring and finding a new job online. We decided that the best way to find a job online hadn’t been created yet so we committed to building a community for job seekers that has the best parts of LinkedIn, Quora and Match.com combined. By August 17th, we launched the new website to a limited group of early adopters.



Garrett Gillas

Founder // Developer
Garrett has a background in development, web analytics, social marketing & Technology Management with over a dozen Fortune 500 clients. Former manager at Razorfish and Nike.


Brody Wear

Founder // Design & Marketing
Brody is a recent University of Oregon digital arts grad. Background in freelance design. Has designed typefaces and an art museum simulator.